Extinosad Pour-On 5L

Extinosad Pour-On 5L


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Extinosad Pour-On is the first choice for off-shears or long wool control of lice in sheep.  Its unique mode of action provides knockdown control of lice, even SP and IGR resistant strains, in both off-shears, long wool sheep, and even unshorn lambs.

Extinosad Pour-On has a Nil withholding period for wool and a short 21-day ESI when applied off shears and comes with a 6-month off-shears lice-free guarantee from Elanco Animal Health.

Active Ingredient: Spinosad @ 20g/L

  • It contains the active ingredient Spinosad.
  • Suitable for use off-shears or long wool.
  • Nil wool withholding period.
  • Ideal for rotation programs.
  • Ready-to-use formulation.
  • Powerful knockdown chemistry that starts killing lice within hours of contact.
  • Unique mode of action that kills lice like no other, ideal for rotation programs.
  • No known field resistance and kills SP-resistant strains of lice.
  • Maximum marketing flexibility with zero (0) days withholding period for wool and an ESI of only 21 days when applied off-shears or to unshorn lambs.
  • Maximum management flexibility being able to be applied to sheep off-shears, with long wool or suckling lambs (unshorn).
  • Water-based, odourless formulation with a favourable safety profile that poses a minimal risk to livestock, shearers, farm workers and the environment when used according to label instructions.

Withholding Periods:

  • Meat: Off-Shears: Do Not Slaughter For Human Consumption For 14 Days After Treatment.
  • Sucking Lambs: Do not Slaughter For Human Consumption For 14 Days After Treatment.
  • Long Wool: Nil
  • Milk: Do not Use On Ewes Which Are Producing Or May In The Future Produce Milk Or Milk Products For Human Consumption.
  • Wool: Nil
  • ESI: Do not use less than 21 days (off shears, or 0 days (long wool) before the slaughter for export.

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