Animal & Livestock Care

Get Prepared For eID Tagging of Sheep and Goats

Electronic tagging of cattle has been mandatory since 2005 and from 1 January 2025 sheep and goats also require eID tags to support improved traceability

Animal & Livestock Care

Summer Feed For Your Horse

Finding quality feed sources for your steed at the height of a WA summer can be a challenge. With temperatures hitting the 40s your horses

Animal & Livestock Care

Controlling Worms in Sheep

Significant increases in worm burdens in sheep result in scouring, failure to thrive and weight loss. They also result in low live weight gains and

Animal & Livestock Care

Hungry chooks? What to feed your flock.

Chooks are rewarding animals to keep, not only providing fresh eggs but also cleaning up kitchen scraps and providing valuable manure for the garden. Can

Animal & Livestock Care

Increase On-Farm Hygiene: Recommended Products

In 2022 we were all aware of the Foot-and-mouth disease (FMD) situation in Indonesia and while we all carried on with our respective businesses in

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