Bainbridge Mouse Live Capture Tip Traps 2 Pk

Bainbridge Mouse Live Capture Tip Traps 2 Pk


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The Bainbridge Live Capture Mouse Trap has a unique design that is safe with no poisons and no spring action. These traps are positioned by the side of a wall with the door open. With the use of bait such as peanut butter mice enter the trap and as they move towards the bait, the trap tips closing the door behind the mouse trapping it.

  • Tip traps are easy to use with a unique design
  • Safe to use – no poisons or spring action
  • Bait in placed at end of the trap, when mouse enters the trap and moves toward the bait the trap tips closing the door trapping the mouse
  • The mouse can be released by opening the trap door

Supplied in a pack of 2 (to achieve higher catch rates)

Place the traps in areas where the mice are running, most likely against a wall

Important: You will need to check the trap regularly to avoid distress to the mouse


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