Zagro Zagrosol AD3E 1L

Zagro Zagrosol AD3E 1L


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Zagrosol ES by Zagro is a liquid concentrate containing Vitamin E with Selenium designed to improve animal’s immunity and protection from oxidative damage caused by free radicals.

  • Zagrosol ES works as a strong antioxidant to protect again free radicals causing oxidative stress which adversely affect the immune system
  • May assist in preventing the occurrence of exudative diathesis and nutritional muscular dystrophy in poultry, especially in chicks
  • Maintains animal’s immune system and minimizing stress in livestock production

Directions For Use:

Poultry – less than 2 weeks of age – Mix 2 mL / 1 L of drinking water, More than 2 weeks of age – Mix 1 mL / 1 L of drinking water.

Swine – Mix 1 mL / 1 L of drinking water for 5 consecutive days.

Sheep & Goat – Administer 1mL / day per animal.

Cattle/Dairy Cows – Administer 1-5mL / day per animal.

Horses – Administer 1-2 mL / day per animal.

Contraindications: This product should not be used when selenium intake from pasture is high, or selenium is provided by other means.

Storage: Store tightly in original container in a cool and dry place – avoid direct heat and sunlight.

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