Get Prepared For eID Tagging of Sheep and Goats

Electronic tagging of cattle has been mandatory since 2005 and from 1 January 2025 sheep and goats also require eID tags to support improved traceability of individual animals. Electronic IDs have a range of benefits; primarily they provide efficient access to accurate data which contributes to effective stock management and traceability. 

Tagging and marking is a huge task, so we aim to provide sheep and goat farmers with plenty of options to make the job as easy as possible. 


Know the Requirements

Here’s what you need to know to be compliant with the National Livestock Identification System (NLIS) from 1 January 2025:

  • All lambs and kids born on, or after this date, require eID tags.
  • From this date farmers selling existing stock bred on the property will need to mark their animals with a yellow (for the year 2025) eID tag before they leave the property, with visual tags remaining on such stock to provide year of birth and ownership history.
  • Pink post-breeder eID tags will also have to be applied to animals that weren’t bred on the property when they’re sold or purchased.  


Click here for a detailed overview of the eID National Implementation Plan. 


Our Recommended Tags and Scanners

We stock a variety of visual and eID tags and applicators and offer advice on the best solution for your farm. We recommend the Australian made brand Shearwell SET tags and applicator:

  • Easy to use applicator designed for use with both visual and eID tags for sheep and goats.
  • Plastic construction makes the Shearwell applicator very light and easy to load.
  • Tags available in different colours with customisable layout for text and numbers.
  • Shearwell supplies the applicator free on your first order if you are ordering 200 or more tags. 


We also stock NLIS accredited Allflex and Leader eID tags and tag applicators.


Using eID Tags and Scanners

All eID sheep and goat tags only store a 16 character code, however farmers can record a range of other indicators against each animal’s eID tag code. This includes pregnancy status, breed and condition score.  If you want to record and edit this information electronically, wand scanners are the affordable option.  We carry the Gallagher HR5 EID Tag Reader & Data Collector for sheep, goat and cattle tags:  

  • Record, edit and customise data against eID records easily using Bluetooth connectivity and a mobile phone.  
  • Read multiple tags in quick succession with one trigger click
  • Record up to nine traits against each animal’s eID tag using the scanner’s screen and alphanumeric keypad.


We also stock the Tru-Test XRS2 Stick Reader

  • Uses Bluetooth technology to read and record cattle, sheep and goat tags.  
  • Handle vibration feedback with each read. 
  • Enter up to 15 custom data fields as well as to set up customisable alerts for certain animals.  


Farmers will only need to have an eID tag scanner if they move stock between different PICs or if they buy stock privately.  Sheep or goats sold at public auction (including at on-farm ram sales) will be scanned as part of the usual sale process. Farmers simply need to request the ‘Upload ID’ number so they can record this on the NVD/waybill for the transfer.  

For cattle farmers, we stock a range of the popular Allflex NLIS electronic (eID) tags and applicator.  


Funding help available

Electronic ID sheep and goat tags are currently more expensive than visual tags (about five times the cost). However, the WA government is providing a 75c per eID tag discount for the 2024 black year of birth tags until the 31st of December 2024. 

There’s no paperwork involved because the subsidy is applied when you buy the tags. To be eligible the tags must be fully NLIS accredited, not provisionally accredited. Here is a list of fully and provisionally accredited tags on the Integrity Systems website. 


If you want to talk to someone about marking products and eID tags for your goats or sheep then please give us a call on 9651 1312 or drop in to our Moora or Yerecoin store.  We are an independent local, family-owned Western Australian rural store and we love helping our customers.

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