Maximising Livestock Feed Options with Pasture Sowing Strategies

Are you a livestock producer looking to optimise your stock feed options this year? Have you considered sowing pasture as an additional or complementary strategy to cropped and natural pasture paddocks?

If you’re seeking to enhance your existing pastures, strategic planning and management are essential for your success. Read on for industry tips.


Sowing Pasture: Key Considerations

Timing and Preparation: If rain has yet to arrive, you can sow pastures directly into dry paddocks in anticipation of precipitation. However, if your paddocks already have vegetative matter due to recent rainfall, applying a knockdown herbicide like glyphosate is necessary to prevent pasture from being choked out. Additionally, consider using an appropriate insecticide to address potential pest issues, particularly in green paddocks.

Variety Selection: Choosing the right pasture varieties or mixes tailored to your soil type and local climate is crucial. Adjust seeding equipment to meet spacing and depth recommendations for your selected pasture choice to ensure optimal establishment.

Fertilisation: To maximise the benefits of sowing pasture, consider incorporating a small amount of compound fertiliser into the seeding process or apply an equivalent top dress after seeding. This promotes healthy growth and enhances nutrient availability for your pasture.


Irwin Hunter Seeds

At FarmCo Moora, we offer a range of Irwin Hunter Seeds pasture varieties and mixes designed to suit diverse farming needs. From the versatile SouWest pasture mix to the Equi1st mix tailored for horse owners, our selections provide nutritional variety for livestock and contribute to improved soil health.

Customised Options: Irwin Hunter Seeds offers flexibility with their mix and match option, allowing farmers to create bespoke combinations of preferred pasture crops. Alternatively, choose from a wide range of single pasture crop varieties to suit your specific requirements.

Monitoring and Management: Establishing and maintaining quality pasture requires diligent monitoring and management. Implementing rotational grazing regimes and managing stocking rates are essential practices for long-term pasture health and productivity.

Innovative Solutions: For smaller farms, consider utilising firebreak fencing to create additional areas for stock while resting pasture paddocks. This approach optimises land utilisation and minimises maintenance efforts, contributing to overall farm efficiency.


Accessible Resources and Support

For additional guidance on pasture establishment and management, consult resources such as the 2024 Pasture Seed Guide available on Irwin Hunter’s website. Our agronomy team at FarmCo, Moora is also available to address any pasture-related questions or concerns you may have.


Trusted Expertise and Quality Assurance

Irwin Hunter Seeds is an Australian Seed Federation accredited Western Australian company with a rich legacy of providing quality seeds since 1966. Our commitment to excellence ensures that you receive reliable products and expert support for your pasture endeavours.

For all your pasture-related needs, visit us in store or contact our agronomy team at 1300 327 626. 

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