Bayer Selovin LA for Sheep and Cattle (Selenium) 500ml

Bayer Selovin LA for Sheep and Cattle (Selenium) 500ml


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Selovin Long-Acting by Bayer is used for treating and preventing Selenium deficiency, white muscle disease, ill thrift, and all other diseases effected by selenium in sheep & cattle.


Active Ingredient: Selenium (as Barium Selenate) @ 50mg/mL.

  • Cost efficient – sustained release of selenium over time to help protect against selenium deficiency in sheep for up to 18m and upto 12m in cattle
  • Maintains immunity and fertility by providing adequate amounts of selenium
  • High safety margin as selenium is slowly released – no withholding periods


  • Sheep:
    • Lambs at weaning – 0.5mL
    • Adult Sheep – 1mL
  • Cattle:
    • Cattle – 1ml per 50kg body weight, equivalent to 1mg selenium per kg, by subcutaneous injection high on the neck behind the ear.


Storage: Store in original container below 25°C (Air Conditioning) and protect from light.

  • Discard within 24 hours of first broaching.


Withholding periods:

  • Meat: Zero (0) days
  • Milk: Cattle: Zero (0) days
  • Milk: Sheep: Zero (0) days
    • Do not use in ewes which are producing milk for human consumption or processing.

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