Zagro ZagroSol 5L

Zagrosol AD3E by Zagro is a balanced liquid formulation of fat-soluble vitamins (ADE) designed to prevent and treat vitamin deficiencies.

Active constituents: Vitamin A – 100 MIU, Vitamin D3 – 20 MIU & Vitamin E – 25g

  • Zagrosol is a specially designed oral liquid that is highly soluble in water providing optimal levels of Vitamin A, D3 and E
  • Ensures calcium and phosphorus absorption for strong bones
  • Suitable for Cattle, Swine, Sheep, Poultry, Equine & other Ruminants
  • Zagrosol boosts immunity, improves reproductive tracts, and optimises animal’s appetite and metabolism
  • Fantastic product for breeder animals and as a protectant from disease in herds

Directions for use:

Poultry – Mix 1 mL / 4 L of drinking water.

Calves/Cattle – Administer 0.5-1 mL / day per animal.

Dairy Cows – Administer 1-2 mL / day per animal.

Sheep and Goats – Administer 5-10 mL / day per 100 heads.

Swine – Mix 1 mL / 4 L of drinking water.

Foals – Administer 1 mL / day per animal.

Horses – Racehorses, Mares, Stallions – Administer 2 mL / day per animal.


Withholding Periods:

Meat: Nil

Milk: Nil

ESI: Nil


Storage: Store in a cool and dry place – avoid sunlight and heat

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