Zagro Amilyte 1kg


Zagro Amilyte 1kg


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Amilyte by Zagro is a water-soluble supplement powder which consists of vitamins, electrolytes, and amino acids, all essential for promoting growth, health, and productivity.


  • Amilyte may assist in alleviating stress, dehydration, and fast recovery from disease outbreak
  • May assist in normal protein synthesis and the digestion and utilization of dietary nutrients particularly calcium and phosphorous
  • May assist in reproductive performance, growth, and energy metabolism
  • May assist in maintaining appetite and body weight



Vitamin A – 18.0 MIU Nicotinic Acid – 17g Biotin 15mg
Vitamin B2 – 3.5g Pantothenic Acid 7g Vitamin B12 10mg
Vitamin D3 – 4 MIU Folic Acid 0.4g Vitamin C 12g
Vitamin E – 6.5g Vitamin B1 1.5g Threonine 5g
Vitamin K3 – 2.g Vitamin B6 2.5 Lysine 20g
Methionine 10g Magnesium 6g Potassium
Sodium 20g Citric Acid 18g

Storage: Store in cool and dry place; protected from direct heat and light.


Directions For Use:

Poultry – Mix 5 g per 5 L of drinking water for 5-7 days.

Swine – Mix 5 g per 5 L of drinking water for 5-7 days.

Cow, Sheep & Goat – Mix 5 g per animal per day via drinking water for 5-7 days.

Foals – Administer 5 g via drinking water per animal per day.

Mares, Stallions, Race Horses – Administer 10 g via drinking water per animal per day.


Zagro Amilyte Tech Sheet

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