Tru-Test SRS2 Stick Reader – Basic

Tru-Test SRS2 Stick Reader – Basic


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The Tru-Test SRS2 Stick Reader – Basic has an ergonomic design and is easy-to-use to keep track of individual animals.

Suitable for cattle, sheep, and deer, the SRS2 features a large, highly readable screen to display the session count, EIDs and pre-loaded Visual Identification (VID) numbers.

Information can be easily shared via the data link smartphone through Bluetooth wireless technology.

  • Clear information. Captures EIDs, pre-loaded VID numbers and session count
  • Compatible with NLIS EID tags. Reads all ISO HDX and FDX-B tags
  • Large memory. 250,000 scanned tag memory
  • Wireless connection. Bluetooth® Class 1 wireless technology to connect to Weigh Scale Indicators or other devices up to 300′ away
  • Long life and fast charging battery. Up to 19 hours of push to read operation and 9.5 hours of continuous read
  • Free software. Easily download information using Data Link for Windows*, Apple* iOS and Android*
  • Read performance. Reads up to 1,100 tags per minute. Read distance for HDX tags up to 12″ and FDX tags up to 13″
  • Visual IDs and duplicates. Options to display a visual ID for scanned animals and to discard duplicate IDs
  • Easy to see. Sunlight viewable 2.7” (41 mm x 55 mm) color LCD screen makes it easy to read information
  • Long reach. 25.6″ reach length enables you to keep a safe distance when scanning lively animals
  • Ergonomically designed. Balanced feel in the hand for comfortable use over long periods of time.  Weighs only 760 g
  • Rugged design. All Tru-Test products are proven for the tough agricultural environment, with an IP67 waterproof design

SRS2 Stick Reader QuickStart Guide

SRS2 EID Stick Reader Data Sheet

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