Bainbridge ISL Optimiser Small Farm Utility Pack – 12.5ml

Bainbridge ISL Optimiser Small Farm Utility Pack – 12.5ml


Ideal applicator for high concentrate drench with low dose rates.

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The Bainbridge ISL Optimiser Injector has been manufactured by ISL Animal Health a global leader in animal health delivery systems. This injector has also been designed with a dose selector allowing the operator to change the dosage quickly and easily by rotating the numbered dosage rate. The utility pack includes a variety of attachments for all vaccines and harsh injectables, back-lining, pour on and drenching needs.

  • Designed for use with all vaccines and harsh chemicals such as LA Mectins
  • Suitable for pigs, sheep, and cattle
  • Convenient and extremely accurate dose selector
  • Designed with a slim barrel for better feel
  • Easily dismantled for cleaning and re-lubrication
  • Easy product expelling though inlet/outlet valve
  • Durable metal nib to reduce needle breakage and stick injuries
  • Handy attachments to suit a variety of different animal health needs
  • Perfect pack for hobby farms

Dosage Selector – from 1 ml to 12ml in 0.5ml increments with a simple twist

Spare O-Ring provided

The needle cap does not need to be removed when fitting needles with the Optimiser Injector

To attach needle, turn needle into the needle cap in a clockwise direction until secure (finger tight)

To remove needle, turn needle in an anti-clockwise direction and pull gently

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