Bainbridge Acu-Vax Injectors 2ml

Bainbridge Acu-Vax Injectors 2ml


  • Comfortable V-Grip design, especially for big vaccinating jobs
  • 1ml,2ml & 5ml have the same attributes as the Vaximate
  • Selector Doses: 1ml, 2ml & 5ml is the same as the Vaximate

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The Bainbridge Acu-Vax Injectors have been manufactured by ISL Animal Health a global leader in animal health delivery systems. Through the use of a polypropylene barrel, this vaccinator is suitable to all current vaccines.


  • Designed with a comfortable V-Grip to reduce operator discomfort even in large vaccination jobs
  • Suitable for all current vaccines with polypropylene barrel
  • Dosages: 0.2ml-2ml, increments 0.2ml

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