Coopers Hibitane Disinfectant 5L


Coopers Hibitane Disinfectant 5L


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General disinfectant for knives, instruments, cuts and wounds, hands and arms, shearing shed floors, sheep dips.

Disinfection: 100ml/1L water, Sheep Dips: 2L/1000L dipwash, Shearing shed floors: 20ml/1L water

  • Non-irritant
  • Controls a wide range of bacteria even in the presence of foreign matter
  • Widely used in sheep dips to control build-up of bacteria in the dip wash

Category: Disinfectant


Withholding Periods:

Meat = Nil

Milk = Nil

ESI = Nil


Storage: Store below 30 Degrees


Coopers Hibitane SDS

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