Wound Wax 100g

Wound Wax 100g


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Wound Wax’s new formula salve may look a little different, but it’s still packed to the brim with the same nourishing honey and beeswax that our customers have come to love and trust.

Made in Western Australia using local honey and beeswax, Wound Wax was developed by an equine vet for application to superficial wounds in horses and dogs.

  • Anti-inflammatory Properties – Honey and Beeswax encourage wound healing
  • Protective Barrier Properties – Holds moisture in and reduces dryness without suffocating the pores of the skin
  • Water Resistant In Nature – Beeswax actually attracts water, keeping skin molecules well hydrated making it an ideal wound healing environment
  • Beeswax – Supports cellular turnover with Vitamin A
  • Healing Coconut Oil – Topical application stimulates collagen production and cellular turnover. Aids healing and minimizes scarring
  • Lavender – Natural fly deterrent – Nourishes skin and aids wound healing

Direction of use: Remove crust and debris from the affected area. Dry wound bed prior to applying Wound Wax. If irritation occurs cease using the product and seek veterinary advice.

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