Bainbridge ISL Optimiser Injector 5ml

Bainbridge ISL Optimiser Injector 5ml


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The Bainbridge ISL Optimiser Injector has been manufactured by ISL Animal Health a global leader in animal health delivery systems. The Optimiser Injection has been designed to suit all vaccines and harsh injectables such as LA Mectins and Vitamin B12. This injector has also been designed with a dose selector allowing the operator to change the dosage quickly and easily by rotating the numbered dosage rate.

  • Designed for use with all vaccines and harsh chemicals such as LA Mectins
  • Suitable for pigs, sheep, and cattle
  • Convenient and extremely accurate dose selector
  • Designed with a slim barrel for better feel
  • Easily dismantled for cleaning and re-lubrication
  • Easy product expelling though inlet/outlet valve
  • Durable metal nib to reduce needle breakage and stick injuries

1ml 0.5ml-5.0ml, increments 0.5ml

Spare O-Ring provided

The needle cap does not need to be removed when fitting needles with the Optimiser Injector

To attach needle, turn needle into the needle cap in a clockwise direction until secure (finger tight)

To remove needle, turn needle in an anti-clockwise direction and pull gently

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