Bainbridge ISL Big Gun Pour on 30ml Applicator

Bainbridge ISL Big Gun Pour on 30ml Applicator


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The Bainbridge 30ml Big Gun Pour on Applicator has been manufactured by ISL Animal Health a global leader in animal health delivery systems. The Big Gun Pour on applicator has been designed with a dose selector allowing the operator to change the dosage quickly and easily by rotating the numbered dosage rate. This robust and easy to use applicator has been designed for suitability with a range of pour-on cattle products.


  • Suitable for cattle tickicides such as Acatak, where you can purchase an optional fan tip nozzle
  • Robust and easily repaired
  • Reduced wastage through no product ‘after spurt’ design
  • Ease of use for operator with an accurate and efficient dosage selector
  • Suitable for particularly viscous products with a large 9mm delivery tube
  • Easily dismantled for cleaning and re-lubrication

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