Bainbridge 33cm Prod (replacement shaft)

Bainbridge 33cm Prod (replacement shaft)


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The Bainbridge 33cm replacement shaft is designed for the Bainbridge Livestock Prodder – Red (Rechargeable 12v or 240v)



  • Suits Bainbridge Rechargeable Livestock Prod Red 33cm (58cm Complete) (A2240)
  • Suits Bainbridge Rechargeable Livestock Prod Red 57cm (82cm Complete) (A2197)
  • Suits Bainbridge Rechargeable Livestock Prod Red 83cm (108cm Complete) (A2198)
  • Reinforced wand connection and tips
  • Designed for use in rugged conditions

Maintenance and Storage:

For livestock use only.

Always thoroughly clean and dry the Stock Prodder after use.

Always store the Stock Prodder in a dry place.

Do not allow the batteries to become corroded.

When not in use, remove batteries and extension shaft.

It is best to store the Stock Prodder either lying down or hanging with the tip facing down to minimize moisture running into power unit.

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