Time to Consider On-Farm Hygiene and Help Protect Against Disease

We are all aware of the Foot-and-mouth disease (FMD) situation in Indonesia.    

As we are calm, practical people, we are getting on with our respective businesses while we monitor the situation.  

If however, any of our customers are looking at ramping up their farm hygiene and cleanliness practices (such as those that may have people from further afield visiting their farm), we are letting you know now that we have several disinfectant products in stock if you need them.   

While of course none of these products actually control Foot-and-mouth disease, they do improve on-farm hygiene management and kill bacteria, viruses and fungi.  You might want to do some research and learn how to set up your own footbath, in a situation where it is easier to do this than provide multiple sets of gumboots to visitors.  

It is also worth noting, that disinfectant products are all acidic, generally speaking they are all capable of irritating the nose, throat, eyes and skin.  As a result, in general they should all be used with personal protective equipment, such as PVC gloves, half face respirator and eye goggles.  

If you have any questions about these chemicals and disinfectants, or disease management, please give us a call on 9651 1312 or drop in to our Moora or Yerecoin store. We are an independent local family-owned Western Australia rural store, and we love sharing our knowledge and experience with our customers.

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