Zagro Spartan SC for Sheep 5L

Zagro Spartan SC for Sheep 5L


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Spartan SC by Zagro is specially formulated to treat and protect long wool sheep for up to 14 weeks from flystrike by blowfly (Lucilia Cuprina), including organophosphate resistant strains when applied by jetting or dipping.

Active Ingredient: Cyromazine @ 500g/L – disrupts nerve transmission in the target parasite.

This product is a concentrate and must be diluted before use.

  • Spartan SC is a water-soluble suspension that does NOT affect wool quality and is designed for jetting, dipping and dressing
  • The active ingredient Cyromazine, causes retardation, malformation and death of young fly larvae.

Dilution Rate: 2mL / 1L of water = 2L per 1000L


Withholding Periods:

Meat: Do NOT use less than 7 days before slaughter for human consumption.

Milk: Do NOT use on sheep that are producing or may in the future produce milk or milk products for human consumption.

Wool: Do not use less than 2 months before shearing or fibre collection.

ESI: Do not use less than 21 days before slaughter for export.


Storage: Store below 30°C in original container in a well-ventilated, cool dry area out of direct sunlight. Keep away from insecticides, fungicides, fertilisers and seeds – avoid direct contact.

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