Jurox Vytrate Liquid 1L

Jurox Vytrate Liquid 1L


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Vytrate is a non-antibiotic supportive treatment for scouring or dehydrated calves, lambs and ewes, pigs and piglets, foals, dogs, and cats. Vytrate reduces scour duration and severity by replacing lost fluids and electrolytes.


Active Ingredients:

  • Glucose @  278.75g
  • Glycine @  38.56g
  • Citric Acid @ 3.28g
  • Potassium Phosphate @ 25.53g
  • Potassium Citrate @ 0.75g
  • Sodium Chloride @ 53.44g
  • Non Antibiotic Scour Treatment.
  • Easy to use oral application mixed with water.
  • Suitable for use with calves, pigs, lambs foals, cats & dogs.

Withholding Periods:

Meat: Nil

ESI: Nil


Storage: Store below 25 degrees (air conditioned)


Jurox Vytrate SDS

Jurox Vytrate Technical Notes

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