Allflex Universal Total Tagger Applicator

Allflex Universal Total Tagger Applicator


Fully adaptable to apply the entire range of Allflex tagsreplaceable applicator pin

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The Universal Total Tagger Applicator is fully adaptable to apply the entire range of Allflex tags including electronic sheep or cattle tags, and two-piece visual tags in the Allflex range. The replaceable clip in the jaws and the replaceable applicator pin, make configuring the applicator easy. This applicator works well with all livestock tag applications with the deep jaws and the user-friendly comfort grip.

This rugged universal applicator is constructed of High-Quality Die Cast Aluminum with removable/replaceable colored plastic inserts for application of Allflex Tags.


  • A must for applying Allflex 2-piece Global Tags
  • Also, use to apply Allflex Tamperproof and EID Tags and most major brands of insecticide tags
  • Deep jaw makes proper placement easier
  • Comfortable grip designed to reduce hand fatigue from repeated use
  • Replacement applicator pin located in the handle
  • For application of Allflex EI D tags, the white clip or the black clip needs to be removed. This allows the EID tag to fit properly in the jaws of the applicator . In addition, the Red blunt pin must be installed.
  • For application of Allflex Global and Tamperproof tags, the Black Clip needs to be installed with the red blunt pin. Included with Universal Total Tagger.
  • For application of Allflex Classic tags and some Insecticide tags, the White clip is used along with either the sharp or blunt pin depending on male tag design. Must be ordered separately

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