Bainbridge Supreme Poultry Drinker with Top Fill Lid & Legs 15L

Bainbridge Supreme Poultry Drinker with Top Fill Lid & Legs 15L


An excellent quality professional drinker with a Large capacity and heavy duty.

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The Bainbridge Supreme Poultry Drinker is designed with UV stabilised heavy duty thick plastic. The easy to fill design makes it possible to fill the drinker without having to move it though a screw cap located on top. Automatic water flow is achieved through the vacuum sealed cap.

The Supreme Drinker is the perfect product to ensure your poultry are staying hydrated.

  • Heavy duty drinker made from UV stabilised thick plastic
  • Easy to fill with a removable screw cap on the top of the drinker – no need to move the drinker
  • Handle located on top allowing the drinker to be moved easy when full if required
  • Vacuum sealed cap creates automatic water flow
  • Designed with detachable base to suit different requirements

Removable legs are included that lift the drinker off the ground by 65mm to increase hygiene by reducing ground contamination of the water and importantly allowing the animals to drink more comfortably

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