Speedi-Beet Pulp 20kg

Speedi-Beet Pulp 20kg


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Speedi-Beet™ is a highly nutritious, quick soaking beet pulp feed that’s 95% sugar free with no added molasses. Guaranteed. Made using only the best quality single source British Beet Pulp, Speedi-Beet™ is subjected to our patented cooking process to produce a palatable and all-around superior beet pulp for horses.


Nutritional Analysis – Guaranteed Minimums: Oil (%) 1.0, Protein (%) 8.0, Fibre (%) 16.0, Ash (%) 9.0, DE MJ/kg 11.0, Sugar (%) 5.0, Starch (%) nil


Lysine g/kg 0.45, Methionine g/kg 0.15,  Calcium g/kg 0.8, Phosphorous (total) 0.10, Sodium g/kg 0.24 Magnesium g/kg 0.3, Potassium g/kg 1.14, Zinc mg/kg 19, Copper mg/kg 3, Manganese mg/kg 45, Iron mg/kg 762, Selenium mg/kg 0.06, Iodine mg/kg, Threonine g/kg 0.40, Cystine g/kg 0.14, Gycine g/kg 0.47, Tryptophan g/kg 0.10, Arginine g/kg 0.30 



Available for Click and Collect ONLY:
Farmco Moora – Orders received by 9am (AWST) will be available same day for collection after 4pm.
Yerecoin Traders – Orders received by 12pm (AWST) on a Wednesday will be available for collection by 4pm Thursday. 
  • Highly digestible fibre feed
  • Wet feeding – the natural way to feed your horse
  • 95% sugar free
  • Improved nutrient availability due to the unique, patented cooking process
  • Provides slow release energy
  • Can help reduce dietary starch levels
  • Holds 5x its own weight of water for rapid rehydration
  • Prebiotic effect due to beet fibre
  • Hoof strength & repair
  • Promotes gut health
  • Low Glycaemic Index

Feeding Information:

Always measure your Speedi-Beet™ out dry and then soak.

It expands to hold 5x its weight of water on soaking.

Speedi-Beet™ can be fed at up to 0.5kg (dry weight i.e. weight before soaking) per 100kg body weight of horse. So that means for a 500kg horse you can feed up to 2.5kg of Speedi-Beet™ (dry weight) each day.

Add more water to make a sloppier mash if you want to help your horse rehydrate.

You can prepare in advance if you wish, but store in cool conditions and feed within 24 hours of soaking.



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