Racumin Paste 50 x 10g Sachet


Racumin Paste 50 x 10g Sachet


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Racumin Rat And Mouse Paste is a ready-to-use rodenticide bait paste designed to control of rats and mice. The active ingredient Coumatetralyl is an anticoagulated that is metabolised quickly so dead rodents carry extremely low residues which decreases the risk secondary poisoning to pets or wildlife who may scavenge on the dead rodents.

Active Ingredient: Coumatetralyl @ 0.37g/kg

  • Rodents are eliminated quickly (3-8 days)
  • Active ingredient Coumatetralyl is highly effective against mice and rats
  •  Low risk of secondary poisoning to pets and wildlife
  • Highly palatable paste sachets with no bait shyness
  • Can be used in ceiling voids or bait stations
  • Contains Bitrex – a human taste deterrent


Directions for use: Place bait sachets in areas of known rodent activity. For rats place a minimum of 3 sachets (30gm) per placement. Do not exceed 3m between baits for mice, or 9m for rats. Follow the baiting strategy on the directions of use.

Storage: Store in a cool dry well-ventilated place in original container out of direct sunlight.

Caution: Racumin is hazardous to pigs, cats and dogs – place bats in areas other animals and birds cannot access.


  • Do not place baits in the open unless in bait stations.
  • Do not graze or feed livestock on treated areas whilst bait is present.
  • Do not place baits in any position accessible to children, livestock or domestic pets.
  • Do not remove bait from paper sachet.


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