Racumin Paste 5KG

Racumin Paste 5KG


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Racumin Paste 5KG

Racumin Paste is a ready-to-use rodenticide to control rats and mice. It contains coumatetralyl, a first-generation anticoagulant that works as a multi-feed bait. This decreases the risk of secondary poisoning to pets or wildlife who may scavenge on the poisoned rodents1,2. Due to the multi-feed action, Racumin will kill in a similar timeframe as a single-feed bait without the risk of bait shyness.

Key Product Benefits

  • Ready-to-use bait to control rat and mice populations
  • Highly palatable paste sachets with low risk of bait shyness
  • Has a reduced risk of secondary poisoning to pets and wildlife1,2
  • Contains Bitrex, a human taste deterrent
  • Ideal for use around the home and farm

Dosage and Administration

Place 3 – 6 sachets in areas of known rodent activity. Do NOT place baits in the open unless in bait stations. Do NOT remove bait from paper sachet.

Eliminate all alternative food sources where possible. If baits are eaten quickly, increase the number of baits. Baiting for at least 2 weeks is necessary to reduce rodent numbers but continue to monitor and replenish baits until no more baits are taken.

Read and follow label for full directions and restraints.

Withholding Periods

Withholding period is not required when used as directed.

Safety Directions

Should not be used in areas accessible to children. Poisonous if swallowed. If on skin, and after each baiting, wash thoroughly with soap and water.

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