Paw Manuka Wound Gel 100g

Paw Manuka Wound Gel 100g


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PAW Manuka Wound Gel™ is a sterile medical grade wound dressing made from Leptospermum.sp (Manuka) honey (80%) and natural oils and waxes for wound management. It is ideal for dogs, cats, horses and other companion animals with wounds, burns, grazes and as a general first aid.

  • Protects the wound.
  • Helps maintain natural wound pH.
  • Remove Malodour.
  • Reduces and prevents contamination, external bacteria colonisation and infection.
  • May assist in removal of slough and necrotic tissues.
  • Natural & non-toxic for animals.
  • Minimal heat treatment to preserve honey’s natural properties.
  • Special blend of natural waxes and oils to reduce the stinging associated with pure honey.
  • Non-adherent gel to reduce trauma at dressing change.

Directions for Use:

Wash around the wound with a sterile saline. Apply PAW Manuka Wound Gel™ liberally (approx. 3mm layer) directly to the wound or to a suitable dressing. In addition, using a barrier cream can further protect the wound margin. Dressing change frequency will depend on clinical circumstances. It can vary from once per day for draining wounds to up to 7 days for unsoiled dressings. PAW Manuka Wound Gel™ can be removed from the wound by rinsing with sterile saline or water at dressing change.



  • Not for use on heavily exudating wounds.
  • Not recommended for body cavities.
  • In the event of a slow or non-responding wound, please seek veterinary advice.

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