Beachport Red Cap 1L


Beachport Red Cap 1L


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Beachport by Red Cap is a specially formulated liquid to assist in the recovery and rehydration of horses. This formula contains a balance of electrolytes, amino acids, and minerals to assist in the getting your animals back to optimal health after times of stress or vigorous work.


Active ingredients mg/L: Cobalt 2,000; Copper 4,000; Manganese 4,000; Zinc 5,300; Selenium 1,000; Magnesium 2,800; Potassium 550; Sulphur 16,000; Sodium 1,500

Red cap contains amino acids through kelp/seagrass extract and electrolytes through fulvic acid

  • Application flexibility – can be added to water supply or mixed with feed
  • Recovery assistance after strenuous exercise with the use of amino acids and electrolytes
  • Key trace minerals such as Magnesium and used to assist in muscle function and strength and muscle protein production. These trace minerals also assist in growth, coat health, immune system functions, reproduction, and lactation
  • Kelp / seagrass extract is beneficial for overall health containing more than ninety natural nutrients
  • This product does not contain UREA
  • Three-year shelf life

Contraindications: Red Cap is not recommended for racehorses in work due to cobalt levels in Red Cap.



  • 20mls Red Cap liquid horse supplement for mature horses after strenuous exercise.
    20mls per horse, per 2 weeks (No more than 60mls per 6 weeks).
  • 10mls for younger & lighter horses every 2 weeks. (No more than 30mls per 6 weeks).

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