Nutrimol® is a liquid mineral supplement which contains seaweed extract, copper, zinc and magnesium chelates.

Nutrimol is an ideal nutritional supplement for all animals including horses, sheep, beef, dairy, alpacas, lamas, pigs, ostriches, deer and poultry.


  • Alleviated sub clinical vitamin and mineral deficiencies, particularly iodine, copper, selenium, magnesium and zinc
  • Increasing resistance to certain diseases
  • Assisting recovery from stress
  • Reducing the incidence of scouring and birthing abnormalities
  • Improving coat quality and overall appearance
  • Preparation for conception, pregnancy, birth, shows and sale
  • Administer Nutrimol at the recommended time and rates (based on an average sized animal).
  • When treating a significantly smaller or larger animal administer by weight to dose.
  • For general use, administer fortnightly and monthly to maintain animal health.
  • Nutrimol can be poured over feed, as a drench or added to drinking water. Introduce Nutrimol to stock gradually.
  • When adding to a water trough, dilute the Nutrimol overtime by leaving the water source turned on and add more Nutrimol when required.
  • Shake well before use.

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