Nemtek Hybrid Combo Tensioner BD – Blue – 25pk

Nemtek Hybrid Combo Tensioner BD – Blue – 25pk


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The Nemtek Hybrid Combo Tensioner is a cost-efficient way of insulating your electric fence wires from your strainer posts. This tensioner has been designed to also function as an insulator.

Use the hybrid tensioner by placing it on the corner post using a free-standing S-hook. The tensioner isolates the wire from the corner post and can be used with any wire.


  • Hardy heavy-duty tensioner for all weather conditions which can be use with any type of wire
  • Can tension poly wires up to 10mm and braided wires up to 6mm
  • It eliminates galvanic reaction between dissimilar metal and eliminates rust
  • Effortless tensioning using a half-inch ratchet
  • Increased ratchet tooth count for precision strain adjustment
  • Spindled designed for smaller incremental turns minimising over tension

Material: UV stabilised glass filled nylon

Maximum tension: Maximum 150kg

Operating temperature: -40 – 80°C

Operating voltage: 0 – 12KV

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