Virbac Multimin Evolution for Cattle 500ml

Virbac Multimin Evolution for Cattle 500ml


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Multimin Evolution Injection for Cattle is an optimised chelated trace element injection for beef and dairy cattle deficient in and/or responsive to manganese, zinc, selenium and/or copper supplementation.

Multimin Evolution gets modern cattle ‘performance ready’ by improving immunity and fertility.   The enhanced levels of zinc in Multimin Evolution are required to boost the immunity and fertility of modern cattle.  Zinc is one of the most abundant trace minerals in the body of cattle, and substantial amounts of zinc are used to ensure adequate immune response and optimal fertility.

Active ingredients: Zinc @ 60g/L, Copper @ 15g/L, Manganese @ 10g/L & Selenium @ 5g/L

  • Provides 29% more trace minerals to meet the demands of modern cattle
  • Promotes cattle fertility and immunity
  • Absorbed into the blood within hours and the liver within 24 hours.
  • Prolonged antioxidant action for months
  • One 500mL pack treats one hundred head of cattle (500 kg)
  • The highest concentration of zinc compared to any registered injectable trace mineral
  • Trace mineral top-up for high-demand periods (calving, joining, weaning)

Use in cattle only by subcutaneous injection.

For use in animals 60 kg liveweight and below in rotation with other fully effective drenches.

Storage: Store below 30oC in original container firmly closed, in a dry place protected from light – discard after nine months of being opened

Withholding Periods:

  • Meat: Nil
  • Milk: Nil
  • ESI: Nil

Virbac Multimin for Cattle SDS

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