Heating Bulb 100W

Heating Bulb 100W


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Bainbridge Heating Bulb 100W

  • Infrared Heat Bulbs (white light) are used for chicks whilst they are still young and in their first few weeks of life.
  • Once chicks reach approximately 3-4 weeks (a guide only and each chick should be assessed on a case by case basis), the bulb should be changed to the Infrared Light Bulb as they supply less heat which is all that is usually required at this stage of the chicks life.
  • We recommend our range of infrared lamps (red light) below as the red light (as opposed to white light) do not interrupt chicks sleeping.
  • The red of both lamps also aid in the prevention of chickens pecking each other

Options Available: 

  • Infrared heating bulb
  • Infrared light bulb 150W
  • Infrared light bulb 250W

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