Inca Malaban 500ml

Inca Malaban 500ml


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Inca Malaban has been designed to control lice, fleas and canine brown ticks on dogs, cats and in kennels. Malaban also controls sarcoptic mange mites on cats and dogs and ais in control or red mites in aviaries.


Active Constituents:

200g/L Maldison (and an anti-cholinesterase compound)

Solvent – 663/L Xylene.

  • Suitable For Dogs and Cats
  • Controls main parasites found in dogs, cats, and their kennels
  • Controls sarcoptic mange mites and red mites in aviaries

Directions for use:

  • Dogs
    • Fleas and Lice – Mix 15mL of Malaban with 1L of water and swab animal.  Repeat in 7 – 10 days if required.  Soak the kennel thoroughly, paying close attention to crevices and cracks. Remove animal until the kennel dries.
    • Sarcoptic mange and ticks – Mix 30mL of Malaban with 1L of water and swab animal. Repeat in 7 – 10 days.  In tick season it is recommended to search your animal daily including between the toes and behind the ears. – Does not control paralysis tick.


  • Cats
    • Fleas – Mix 15mL Malaban with 1L of water swab animal.  Repeat in 7 – 10 days if required.


  • Aviaries and Lofts
    • Lice and red mites – Mix 15mL Malaban with 1L of water.  Remove poultry, then spray the aviaries or lofts thoroughly including nesting boxes, wall crevices and litter. Return birds when area is dry. It is recommended to treat birds with suitable registered insecticide.


  • Not suitable for puppies and kittens under 3 months of age.
  • Does not control paralysis ticks.

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