Bainbridge Mouse Glue Traps – 4pk


Bainbridge Mouse Glue Traps – 4pk


Non-Toxic, disposable & ready to use

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The Bainbridge Mouse Glue traps are non-toxic and ready-to-use. There is no need to bait the traps with dangerous poisons. The premium glue is formulated with a unique scent that attracts rodents.

Victorian, ACT and Tasmanian regulations state that qualified pest controllers can only use these traps.


  • Non-toxic, disposable, and ready to use
  • No bait required – no poison used
  • Premium profession strength glue formulated with unique attractant
  • Monitor glue boards regularly for any rodents
  • Check your local legislation to be informed of your legal requirements in Victoria, ACT and Tasmania
  • Made in USA

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