Gallagher Electric Bungy Gate 3m x 7m

Gallagher Electric Bungy Gate 3m x 7m


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The Gallagher Electric Bungy Gate 3m x 7m allows you to electrify gateways up to 7m wide. The bungy gate stretches over twice its length and is highly visible. The unique gripper allows you to easily adjust bungy length without having to tie knots or crimp.

  • Easily adjust your gate width/bungy length – Unique gripper removes the need to tie knots or crimp when adjusting or replacing your bungy
  • Easy to install – Comes fully assembled with all required mounting hardware
  • Premium Gate Handle – Includes gate handle with comfortable rubber grip and unique internal overstretch protection
  • High quality Bungy Cord – Made from UV resistant material for maximum durability with stainless steel strands for superior conductivity
  • Superior safety – Includes a unique sphere-shaped High Visibility Sighter


  • Gate Handle
  • 2 x Bungy grippers
  • 3 Way Gate Anchor
  • Pinlock Insulator
  • High Visibility Sighter


Gallagher Introduction to Electric Fencing Brochure

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