David Grays Poultry Dust 400g

David Grays Poultry Dust 400g


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David Grays Poultry Dust is a powder treatment designed to treat and control lice, fleas, flies, mites, and ticks in poultry. This treatment is designed to apply between feathers and around the coop and structures housing poultry. Poultry dusk is recommended for use with poultry such as laying hens and roosters as well as ducks and geese.

Active ingredients: 20g/Kg MALDISON

  • Designed for the treatment and control of Ticks, Lice, Fleas, Flies and Mites in Poultry.
  • Safe to use with egg-laying hens
  • May also deter mice
  • Can be used in chickens, ducks and geese
  • Unique Australian made product



Directions: Dust bwteen feathers for treament and repeat when required. Dust crevices of poutry houseing and nesting to prevent parasite breading.


Safety: Safe for use in egg-laying hens and other egg laying birds such as geese and ducks


Withholding periods:

Egg-laying hens: Nil

Bird meat: Discontinue use seven days prior to slaughter for human consumption



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