Clik Zin 5L

Clik Zin 5L


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Clik Zin by Elanco is a spray on treatment for effective short term protection against blowfly strike for up to 11 weeks for sheep of all breeds and wool lengths. With a short 7 day withholding period, Clik Zin is ideally suited for protecting sheep intended for slaughter and lambs following marking.

  • Medium-term protection against flystrike (up to 11 weeks)
  • Minimal Meat WHP (7 days) and ESI (21 days)
  • Minimal Wool WHP (1 month)
  • Protects against body, breech and poll strike
  • Protects marking wounds
  • Apply to sheep from three weeks after shearing


Always read and follow label directions. Shake well and use Elanco approved applicators.

DO NOT USE on sheep off-shears. Apply to sheep from 3 weeks after shearing. DO NOT dilute. DO NOT mix with any other product


Withholding Periods

MEAT: DO NOT USE less than 7 days before slaughter for human consumption.

MILK: DO NOT USE on ewes which are producing or may in the future produce milk that may be used or processed for human consumption.

WOOL HARVESTING INTERVAL: DO NOT USE less than 1 month before shearing or fibre collection.

EXPORT SLAUGHTER INTERVAL (ESI): DO NOT USE less than 21 days before slaughter for export.

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