7 Steps to Fencing Success

As fencing is one of those jobs that is always going to be part of farming, we thought we’d provide some information on our most popularly sold products in association with the steps involved.

As with any other job, having the right tools to either build or repair a fence makes all the difference.

None of us enjoys seeing our stock running around on the road or greedily munching away on the neighbour’s best crop.

Happily, the products that are available now are vastly superior to those that were available in the past and a well-built metal fence won’t need maintenance for many years.

  1. Strong and sturdy strainer posts (preferably galvanised metal) are of course essential at either end of the fence line, concreted into a depth of one metre. A strainer post must also have a strong strut that is attached to the strainer post at an angle (an angle strut) that will hold the tension in the fence and keep the strainer post held firmly in place.  We supply treated pine strainer posts and the WA made Straintek strainer assembly that are concreted into the ground.  We also sell the Waratah Adjusta-Stay strainer assembly.  This assembly has a strainer post that is concreted into the ground, but the strut is simply attached to a plastic or metal plate and a rod and doesn’t need to be concreted into the ground.
  2. The next step is to mark the fence line using either the telescopic sight on your rifle or a pair of binoculars and a helper. You can now put your fence posts in using a post hole digger.  Our most popular fence posts are Waratah’s Australian made Jio Star Posts and GalStar Extreme steel posts.
  3. The final job is getting the wire in place. These days prefabricated rolls of wire like Cyclone Ringlock, Southern Wire Fastlock or Waratah Stocklock make fences as quick and easy as possible.  Whether you use prefabricated rolls or line wire, make sure you use good quality galvanised wire products that resist rust.
  4. Multiwire strainers like the Waratah Wedgelock Clamp Grip all wires on prefabricated rolls and are a fantastic tool to help with tensioning up your fence. We also supply Waratah Gripples Waratah Gripples so you can connect both prefabricated wire and plain wire, as well as the Waratah Gripple Tensioning tool which allows you to tension up whatever wire you use when building or repairing fences.
  5. Finish with the easy job of attaching your post clips and installing your droppers to prevent lines of wire tangling. We supply Waratah and Whites Rural post clips and droppers.
  6. We sell gates, including Cyclone and Southern Wire gates and gate fittings, and a wide variety of Gallagher and Nemtek electric fence products.
  7. Now relax and enjoy a cool beverage while you look down on your sturdy new fence that will serve you for many decades.

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