T & R Horse Grower/Weaner Pellets 20kg

T & R Horse Grower/Weaner Pellets 20kg


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A complete feed designed to fulfil the requirements of breeding stock and young stock, now with added pre and probiotics to promote gut health. This nutritionally balanced feed will keep mares in peak condition throughout pregnancy and lactation plus give foals necessary nutrients to maximise potential growth and reduce the impact of OCD.
Nutritional Analysis – Guaranteed Minimums: Crude Protein (%)17.0, Digestible Energy (MJ/kg)12.6, Calcium (g/kg)9.1, Phosphorous (g/kg)7.1, Lysine (%)10.0, Methionine (%)3.3, Threonine (%)5.9, Crude Fat (%)6.0, Linoleic Acid (%)1.0, Crude Fibre (%)10.1, Salt (%)1.0, Sodium (g/kg)4.7, Chloride (g/kg)6.9, Potassium (g/kg)9.5, Iron (mg/kg)86.0, Zinc (mg/kg)212.1, Magnesium (g/kg)4.5, Manganese (mg/kg)163.8, Vitamin A (IU/kg)9450, Vitamin D (IU/kg)1050, Vitamin E (mg/kg)275, Vitamin B1 (mg/kg)17.0, Vitamin B2 (mg/kg)13.0, Vitamin B3 (Niacin) (mg/kg)76.0, Vitamin B5 (mg/kg)21.0, Vitamin B6 (mg/kg)8.0, Vitamin B9 (Folic Acid) (mg/kg)4.0, Vitamin B12 (μg/kg)211.0, Vitamin K (mg/kg)3.7, Biotin (mg/kg)0.2, Cobalt (mg/kg)0.2, Copper (mg/kg)81.3, Iodine (mg/kg)0.8, Selenium (mg/kg)0.4, Actigen – Prebiotic (mg/kg)400, Yea-Sacc – Probiotic (mg/kg)
Typical Ingredients: May contain one or more of the following due to seasonal variations: Lupins, Oats, Calcium, Cereal By-products, Di-Cal, Lysine, Methionine, Salt, Vitamins & Mineral Premix, Pre & Probiotics
Available for Click and Collect ONLY:
Farmco Moora – Orders received by 9am (AWST) will be available same day for collection after 4pm.
Yerecoin Traders – Orders received by 12pm (AWST) on a Wednesday will be available for collection by 4pm Thursday. 
  • High protein feed to promote sound lean growth in young horses and good milk production in mares
  • Well digested energy and protein source with a protein to energy ration formulated to promote sound bone development in growing horses
  • Fortified with Advanced Feeds vitamin and mineral premix
  • Formulated to meet or exceed the NRC ‘Nutritional Requirements of Horses’ when fed as directed
  • Uses quality Western Australian produce, supporting our local farming communities
  • Manufactured in WA

Storage: Store in a dry, cool and clean place. When stored under correct conditions best before 12 months from packing date.


Feeding Guide:

Kilograms per day for horses.
(For mature horses approx. 500kg body weight)

  • Dry Mares3 kg / day
  • Late Pregnant Mares4 kg / day
  • Lactating Mare6 – 8 kg / day
  • Weanling5 – 6 kg / day
  • Yearling4 – 5 kg / day

Rates are a GUIDE ONLY adjust according to horse’s size, condition and workload. Feed in conjunction with high quality roughage. Ensure clean, fresh water is available at all times.




T & R Horse Grower Weaner Pellets Product Information Sheet.pdf

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