Bainbridge Rectangular Bait Station

Bainbridge Rectangular Bait Station


A versatile rectangular style bait station that is suitable for mice and rats

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The Bainbridge Rectangular Bait Station is designed to house rat and mice baits. This station is designed to protect other animals from consuming the bait to ensure only targeted rodents are eliminated.

  • Features a useful translucent lid to visually check the bait station without opening
  • Includes two rods for bait (Bait not included)
  • Automatically locks when closed and tamper resistant (supplied with a two prong key)
  • Constructed from durable (not flimsy) plastic

Dimensions: 225mm x 185mm x 92mm

Directions for use:

  1. The Bainbridge Rodent Bait Station features two separate lock openings. Insert the key provided into the first hole and turn clockwise to open. Repeat the process in the second hole. Open the lid.
  2. Insert the provided bait securing rod into the openings and firmly secure the bait on the rods.
  3. With the bait securely in the bait station, close the lid and follow the rodent bait manufacturers instructions by placing the bait station in areas rodents frequently travel (such as walls, corners, and tight opening).

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