Bainbridge Large Bait Station – Rat

Bainbridge Large Bait Station – Rat


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The Bainbridge Large Bait Station is designed for rat-sized baits. The triangular style shape fits perfectly flush against walls or in corners where rodents are likely to travel.

  •  A triangular style, rat-size bait station that fits in corners and flush along walls where rodents travel
  • Suitable for mice and rats
  • Low profile design for increased rodent activity and ideal to use in tight baiting locations
  • The interior baffles lead rodents directly to the feeding receptacle
  • Bait is held on the horizontal and vertical bait securing rods that help keep bait securely in the station
  • A tamper-resistant bait station that locks automatically when closed and unlocks with a special 2-prong key
  • A one-piece liner makes cleaning and re-baiting easy
  • Includes vertical rods to hold the bait and a horizontal bait holder (bait not included)

Size: 345mm x 228mm x 85mm

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