Pharmachem Kuritch 500ml

Pharmachem Kuritch 500ml


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Kurich by Pharmachem is an external spray designed to repeal insects and soothe irritated areas in horses. Kurich is suitable for house flies, stable flies and may control Equine Allergic Dermatitis.


Active ingredients: 89g/L Citronella Oil 51g/L DiethylToluamide

  • Suitable for use with Stable Fly, Midges and Sandflies, and House Flies
  • Can aid in control of Queenland Itch and Equine Allergic Dermatitis
  • Unique low irritant formula that is rain and sweat resistant
  • Contains Citronella oil – a natural repellent
  • Contains Deet – a powerful and highly effective repellent
  • Relieves and soothes irritated skin with Camphor oil
  • Contains Eucalyptus oil – A natural antiseptic


Precautions: Avoid animal’s, nostrils, eyes, and mouth when applying Kuritch.

Application: Kuritch is a ready to use product and does not require dilution. Lightly spray in a sweeping motion from the head of the horse to the rear, including the legs.

Application for QLD Itch: Apply gently to affected areas twice daily. Part the coat to ensure contact with the skin.

Application for wound care: Gently apply directly to minor cuts, abrasions and surface wounds to help prevent irritation and infection by biting insects.

Storage: Store below 30 degrees

Pharmachem Kuritch MSDS


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