Nemtek Poly Wire Ultra Mix 9 – Black – 200m

Nemtek Poly Wire Ultra Mix 9 – Black – 200m


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The Nemtek Poly Wire Ultra Mix 9 is ideal for wild animal electric fencing with its heavy-duty design, superior strength, and high conductivity. The highly conductive wires allow the energizer to power a longer fence while reducing the requirement for additional energizers.


  • Ideal for use on medium to longer permanent fences
  • Mixed metals for higher electrical conductivity
  • The black colour blends into the background to reduce the visibility of the rope in areas where visual pollution is not desired
  • The white colour is a highly visible colour for animals
  • Long lifespan of electric fence wire with durable design and reinforced structure
  • Easier to collect when the system needs to be portable


Material: UV stabilised

Diameter: 3.5mm

Size: 200m

Conductors: 9 stainless steel and highly conductive strands

Colours: Black and Blue, White and Blue

Resistance: 110 Ohms/km

Max distance: 10km in optimal conditions

Strength: 115kg (±10%)


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