Nemtek Poly Rope Mix 6 – Black – 200m

Nemtek Poly Rope Mix 6 – Black – 200m


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The Nemtek poly ropes have been designed for use with animal electric fencing due to the superior strength of the rope. The highly conductive wires in the poly rope mix 6 are designed to power longer fence lines reducing the need for additional energizers.

The Nemtek poly rope mix 6 black has been designed for reduced visibility where visual pollution is not desired.

  • Lower visibility – black colour blends into the background reducing visual pollution
  • Low resistance mixed metal wires – including stainless steel and high-performance wires
  • High conductivity for permanent or temporary longer fencing systems
  • High quality UV stabilised polymers for long life
  • reinforced structure and durable design for longer lifespan of electric fence wire


Material: UV stabilised

Conductors: 6 stainless steel and highly conductive strands

Diameter: 6mm wide rope

Size: 200m

Strength: 410kg (±10%)

Resistance: 190 Ohms/km

Max distance: 5km in optimal conditions

Colours: Black and blue


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