Nemtek Agri Solar Energizer 10km (Inc 10W Solar Panel)

Nemtek Agri Solar Energizer 10km (Inc 10W Solar Panel)


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The Nemtek Agri Solar 10km Energizer has a built in 10W solar panel and a solar regulator making this product more portable and easier to connect. The solar regulator has a smart management system to prolong life of the battery and to ensure constant power management.

Equipped with Nemtek ATP technology, this energizer is designed to provide maximum power delivery to the fence line while minimising power loses. This technology also provides the energizer with the ability to adapt to changing environmental conditions such as branches on the fence or weather changes to maximise fence power.

The Nemtek Agri Solar 10km Energizer is a dependable system to make certain your electric fences are performing at their best.

  • Smart management system with built in regulator – maximises battery life
  • Built-in polarity protection to protect solar system and battery
  • Nemtek APT technology – ensures maximum power is delivered to fence and provides a robust weather system allowing energiser to respond to environmental changes (weather)
  • Powers up to 10km of fence/16 acres/6.4ha (optimal fence conditions)
  • Battery charge state indicator and overload energiser indicator
  • Powered by 10-watt solar panel (included) and 12Ah battery (sold separately)
  • Built-in battery polarity protection and day/night sensor
  • Adaptable mounting options (wall, fence wire or wooden post and can slide onto a Y picket post)
  • Many programmable options via the LCD handheld remote (optional accessory) including adjustment of fence voltage and pulse rate, independent day/night setting, battery voltage reporting and fence performance monitoring

Dimensions: 190 x 115 x 76mm

Output energy max: 1J (stored 1.4J)

Output voltage: 5.5kV @500Ohms, 7.5kV @1000Ohms, 8.0kV @ Open circuit

Solar Panel: 10W

IP rating: IP65


Nemtek Instructions for adding solar panel to energizer

Nemtek Agri Solar Instruction Manual

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