Bainbridge Mouse & Insect Glue Boards – 4pk

Bainbridge Mouse & Insect Glue Boards – 4pk


A convenient and effictive rodent and insect control product that is non-toxic and ready to use

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The Mouse and Insect Glue Boards by Bainbridge are a read-to-use and non-toxic product designed to control unwanted rodents. Designed with a unique and poison free product that effectively attract rodents so no need for additional and potentially harmful bait.

The Bainbridge Mouse and Insect Glue Boards are an effective product to control insects and rodents without having to worry about harmful chemicals, handing pests or resetting traps.

  • Ready-to-use and non-toxic
  • Glue formulation contains a unique attractant
  • No need for additional or toxic bait
  • Ensure glue boards are monitored and checked frequently for any rodents
  • To be informed on your legal requirements check your local legislation in Victoria, ACT and Tasmania

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