Dechra Tri-Solfen 1L

Dechra Tri-Solfen 1L


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Tri-Solfen is a viscous liquid that is easily applied to surgical wounds using the dedicated Tri-Solfen applicator. Tri-Solfen’s novel formulation contains a unique combination of 4 ingredients:
• Lignocaine and Bupivacaine – local anaesthetics that provide pain-relief on surgical wounds.
• Adrenaline – to reduce bleeding.
• Cetrimide – an antiseptic agent to help reduce the risk of infection.

Tri-Solfen is a 4-in-1 wound care product

Both fast and longer acting pain relief:

Lignocaine is a fast-acting anaesthetic providing animals with fast-acting pain relief.

Bupivacaine is a longer-acting anaesthetic that provides prolonged pain relief


Reduction in post-operative bleeding

Adrenaline constricts blood vessels reducing the loss of blood


Reduces wound healing time

Cetrimide is an antiseptic agent that helps reduce the risk of infection of wounds


Reducing inflammation and long-term pain

Reducing bleeding and infection helps to minimise the inflammation process, reducing and slowing down the pain cascade process


Tri-Solfen Technical Notes

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