Bromakil Grain Rat Bait 2KG

Bromakil Grain Rat Bait 2KG


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Bromakil is a ready-to-use grain bait designed for the control of mice and rats. Bromakil is ideal for use around the home, farm buildings such as sheds or around commercial and industrial buildings


Active Ingredient: Bromadiolone @ 0.5g/kg

  • Can be used around the home, farm, or commercial buildings
  • Highly palatable cracked grain that is lethal from one day’s feeding
  • A Bromadiolone based rodenticide – professional-grade, grain-based rodenticide – second-generation anti-coagulant

Directions for use: Add recommended bait to bait trays and traps as directed. Check daily and increase baits if consumed quickly. Continue baiting for two weeks to decrease rat/mouse numbers.

Rats:  150g per bait tray

Mice: 50g per bait tray



  • Do not bait crops or contaminate steams, waterways, or rivers.
  • Bromadiolone is hazardous to dogs, cats, pigs, poultry, and native wildlife.
  • Do not exceed 3m between bait stations for mice and 9m for rats.


Storage:  Store in original closed container in a dry, well-ventilated cool area away from direct sunlight.

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