ATV Boomless Nozzle Kit | 2 Jet

ATV Boomless Nozzle Kit | 2 Jet


Eliminate the need for a spraying boom on your ATV with the durable double sided spray kit.

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Boomless Nozzle Kit –  ATV – Double Sided

Boomless Nozzle kits are ideal for application where regular booms face obstacles such as fence posts and power poles.

  • the ATV kit utilises XT series nozzles featuring a large droplet size which reduces spray drift and extends spray reach.
  • Boomless nozzles are most often used for spraying herbicides or fertilizers in turf, broadcast or fire break applications.

This Kit can be attached to your ATV rack and can run from most 12V sprayers with a large sized pump

Key Features: 

  • Comes with a two Boomless nozzles
  • Spray Swath up to 7.2m (3.6m Per nozzle)
  • Adjustable angle double nozzle holder supplied
  • Supplied with blank cap to also allow single sided spraying with 1 nozzle
  • Fitted with 30cm Ag hose and hose tail with 1/2″ female thread to suit most common 12V pumps


  • Output of 3.4L- 4.54L/min from 30 – 60psi respectively per nozzle
  • Ideal with Aquatec High Capacity pump DDP-550, 20 L/min open flow
  • or Shurflo 361-2088 Series pump, 11.3 L/min open flow
  • Product Weight 0.60 KG

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