Bainbridge Rain Gauge 150mm

Bainbridge Rain Gauge 150mm


A good quality Australian product without the price tag.

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A good quality traditional rain gauge without the price tag

Highly accurate and suitable for primary producers, graziers, commercial, nurseries, farmers and gardeners

Easy to read graduations allows measurements up to 150mm and 250mm respectively

Quick and simple installation by a multi-hole mounting plate

UV resistant material built to withstand harsh Australian conditions


  • Allows measurements up to 150mm.
  • UV resistant.
  • Raised gradients.

*No screws included*

Installation Instructions:

  • Attach the unit vertically to a post or rail with included mounting bracket. It is recommended at least four (4) screws (not supplied) should be used to ensure the rain gauges is safely attached.
  • Position the rain gauge in a safe location where there will be no run off from trees or roofs.
  • Ensure the minimum distance is at least twice the distance away from the tallest structure.
  • Make sure the rain gauge is straight and vertical.
  • For more accurate results, install the rain gauges in pairs at 6 meter spacings, and record the average of the gauges. This reduces the effect of strong winds on your results.



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