ProGroom Equine Shampoo 1L

ProGroom Equine Shampoo 1L


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Get that show-ready shine with the “scent-sational” Enhance Shampoo – perfect for that ultimate show finish! Enhance Shampoo highlights natural colours using advanced optical brighteners for radiance and natural glossifiers for the ultimate shine. The perfect shampoo to use before show day.

  • Contains Pure Argan oil renowned for its healthy moisturising & strengthening benefits to show coats
  • Illuminates all-natural coat colours and magnifies highlights
  • Optimises the lustrous appearance of the coat
  • Does not build-up or strip natural oils
  • Easily rinsed soap-free formula leaves no residue
  • Enhances the appearance of dull or faded coats
  • Concentrated formula
  • Amazing fragrance

Suitable For:

  • Show days
  • Dull coats
  • Multi-coloured horses
  • Winning look


  • Our shampoos are concentrated and should always be diluted prior to use
  • Shake bottle well before use
  • For stubborn marks use shampoo directly on a sponge and work into the area


Hand Washing:

  1. Wet the horse thoroughly
  2. Dilute a small amount of shampoo (approx 30-50 mls to 2L, depending on the coat condition) in a bucket of warm clean water
  3. Work through the coat thoroughly with a sponge or brush
  4. Rinse well
  5. Remove excess water with a towel or scraper


Safety Considerations:

  • Always read the instructions carefully, including any warnings for use
  • It is important to avoid contact with the eyes
  • If symptoms of eye irritation occur (rubbing eyes, excessive blinking or squinting), flush eyes gently with tepid water for at least 5 minutes



  • Keep lids on products when not in use and use the product within the recommended time
  • Avoid storing your products in the direct sunlight or near sources of heat and choose dry, cool storage areas where possible
  • Regularly Wash and sterilize all applicators and dilution bottles thoroughly
  • Allow applicators to dry thoroughly before use

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